Hemp is a plant full of many naturally occurring substances used for relief. By adding the highest grade natural and pharmaceutical ingredients in our HMP hemp cream, all the natural benefits are preserved and delivered to the skin.


    The HMP hemp cream is third-party lab tested for product quality and consistency. This ensures every pump bottle contains exactly 2000mg of hemp extract and delivers the same dose every time.


    HMP Brands cream base provides a pleasant experience on the skin. Our cosmetically designed hypoallergenic cream is easy to rub in and vanishes within seconds after applying. 


    I rolled my ankle, and it was hurting so bad! I bought this cream for relief. I've been using it daily- it's lightweight and has a mild cooling sensation which feels nice. 10/10. Recommended!

    -Amy E.


    I put this on my calves and low back the first day I went snowboarding and it felt nice. A cooling sensation to help those tight muscles. I put some in my tense shoulders and felt an instant release. My headache went away. If you're active, definitely get this for a a friend or for yourself! Put it on after you shower and feel the coolness to calm you.

    - Lisa


    This hemp cooling cream is truly incredible! It provides unmatched relief for my tired muscles, everyday aches, and discomfort. The invigorating and calming cooling sensation offers a welcome respite from a hectic day. With its unique blend of hemp extracts and natural ingredients, it delivers deep-penetrating cooling, leaving me rejuvenated. It's a game-changer for fast, effective, and natural relief!

    -Robert M.

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Do HMP Products contain hemp?

Yes! HMP hemp creams contain 2000mg of pharmaceutical grade hemp extract per container. Our creams are pharmacist formulated with the highest grade natural and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Where on my body can I apply the HMP hemp cream?

You can apply the cream almost everywhere on the skin. This product is intended for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Refer to product packaging for more information.

How is the HMP hemp cream different from similar hemp creams on the market?

Unlike other similar products on the market, the HMP hemp cream was formulated by experienced pharmacists, contains quality ingredients, and is made using an advanced mixing technique. In addition, our products virtually vanish after application, have a convenient exact-dose pump, and a pleasant scent.

How long does it take for the HMP hemp cream to start working?

The HMP hemp cream is fast-acting! Users can begin to notice its cooling and soothing effect almost immediately after application.

Do I need a license or prescription to purchase your products?

You do not need a license or a prescription to purchase our products.

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